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Book Keith and his Crusader Teams of CEOSPACE.NET to go to your greatest places of needs.

Above Videos are summer of 2011 showing HOW legally binding contracts prevent almost ALL crimes worldwide. If anyone had taken 1" of files from that file cabinet to FBI, AG, Press, my lawyers or Police, I would have been freed the same day.  Just when ROSE was cyber attacking my homes and filing Cobb County GA TPO 11.1.7683.99 to order my NEXT kidnap = Illegal detainment lasting 848 days.

No one has ever demanded repayment of Forsyh County GA Judgment 08SC-1345 granted Oct 2010 now worth over $300,000 USD.


Book today to Fly our Crusader Teams to your
Greatest places of needs!

Use = original year 2009 to book Keith for travel anywhere to your location or site to teach you how to actually conduct ethical business transactions using 1. Common Sense  2. Principals of enforceable Integrity and Honesty. 3. use of Off-shelf technology that no one in world has ever conceived, designed, created, and deployed to the entire world.

This Pricing from post year 2011. Updated now, Aug 13, 2019.

We always contracted out for $10,000 USD year 2011 for 1 day consult with 120% refund if not satisfied in first one hour. This is the 20 Million USD earned in one year as the balance of our billion $$$ intellectual Property is already pledged gifted to all mankind

This would have been our earnings 2011-2012 except for ONE super criminal 'Robert Dee Rose' google his NAME and COMMAND our USA GOV and INTERPOL seize him today. CAN't be this hard....

  As of July 14, 2019 Few have seen any truths or asked any relevant question on HOW to teach our world HOW to solve ALL their own issues at micro to Macro level. Using to create the singularity of Man.. Then to create IOT free communication between all men + Free education to any level so our Young Adults replace ALL corrupt individuals. The res is YOUR HISTORY. DO or DIE for FREEDOM of all your rights.




Full access to all lectures




Full access to all lectures

+ 1 workshop of your choice




Front row seating at all lectures

+ Access to 3 workshops

of your choice

+ Seats at opening gala dinner




Front row seating at all lectures

+ Access to all workshops

worldwide. Just pay for your hotel and travel.

+ Seats at opening gala dinners

5 hours of personal Consulting either in person or Remote.



1,000,000 $

All Benefits of above.

One Hard Disk Copy of ALL our world Intellectual Property.

Unlimited access to our CEOSPACE.NET forums and master world keynote speakers.

Holy Grail


20,000,000 $

All Benefits above.

1 Month of dedicated consulting with our top 5-10 Consultants on site or anywhere in world.

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