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WorldPTO Answer is Keith + GOD's World Patent Trade Office Community single open public registration international system of filing any first to market innovative products or services as first filer.  This alone destroys all counter feiters, copycats, patent infringers, and cyber criminal attacks against WE GODs PEOPLE inventions that truly change course of human history once OUR civil rights are fully protected by OUR new Dept of Social Justice branded Now everyone protected by protecting our neighbors before thinking of self benefits.

    These are the most definitive original answer methodology to protect all intellectual Property, copyrights, trademarks, and even free domains and communication infrastructure now owned and manage controlled by each of you, GODs children. (c)(tm)(r) Patent 2022 from year 1976 forward.

   World Patent Trade Office is the only common sense method of using FOIA.ONE as one centralized universal database and review system that protects your intellectual property at the point of your initial filings. This one GODs systems protects all of your rights from being denied you taking first profits from sale of your products and services rendered that benefits all 7,9 billion mortals.


  Includes no more cyber infiltrations once protects ALL our database information.

  Includes NO more cyber squatters who steal our Website domains and make billions of USD on our good and honest names like what #1 most wanted cyber terrorist ROBERT DEE ROSE and Atty Alexander Cyclone COVEY

did to KEITH personally by false witness claiming we were STALKING him when reality always showed they were tracking our every business deal, phone calls, GPS locations to destroy THEIR evidence of mega Billion USD valued criminal enterprises everyone refuses to SEE is your reality.

  Keiths system is now open FREE domain names at all level protected by GODs copyright domain laws.

  Current Patent registration systems are so horrifically corrupt by insiders stealing our best answers to solve basic human issues of predatory greed.  All can see believe and ACT with Fearless authority to Protect the rights, patents, laws, assets, and lives of all others before thinking of self serving gratification benefits of our selves. was KEITH and GODs design for a single point of electronic registration of any intellectual property to protect the rights and asset lives of the original inventor engineer scientist so criminal terrorists can never counterfeit and use GOds technology by weaponizing best technology to destroy entire populations of defenseless children, women, elderly, disabled ever again.

   Most people use any single word excuse to BLAME others for their impoverished slave traded conditions as current News media are used by Corporate Executives and criminals to brainwash each of you to  JUST WAIT, JUST TRUST in ONLY GOD and THEIR authority to intervene to build new communities that are self sustaining and totally independent of any POLYTIC or precedent law.  Fixed BID contracts and all the decisons made by top world leaders clearly show transfer of $50 TRILLION USD per year to the first families known as Deep STATE NWO.  We use the proper most descriptive GODs term of 'Criminal Ruling Elite' whose only focus is total control and authority over OUR databases by claiming PRIVACY, no one has a right to see any reality of who are the most ruthless terrorists and criminals in world history.

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