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The consciousness of humanity must be raised to identify the root issues of mankind. We must be 100% in touch with our GODfathers world at all levels. FOIA.ONE is the worlds last open public database that unifies mankind by connecting every single eDEVICE to every single with EVOTE.ONE person known as Singularity One Degree of Separation. Now Everyone KNOWS who is WHO, who owns what, WHO controls WHAT, who travels where/who/when/why for free market barter exchange trading of everything. No more can any criminal, bankster, corporate executive CONTROL our assets and information. shows 7 simple new Mega Corporate BY=LAWS that change the course of human history by EMPOWERING WE KEITHS people to own and control everything. We are the Gandhi GOD focused caretakers known as Guardian Angels who educate mediate all World Presidents, Corporate Executives, and PRESS = HUMANITY on how to achieve total world equality peace once and forever. Only be eliminating the LUCIFER deceivers at top, middle, then lowest levels, will the human race actually work collective Cooperative Capitalism known as forever.

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Current repeat of history is occurring the final time year 2020. Control by the NEW WORLD ORDER = Criminal ruling Elite = terrorists was legalized back Dec 23, 1913 before WW1 was started to transfer trillions of USD/EUROS back to those who criminally passed the man-made laws Forever will mankind prosper with part of Everything driven by EVOTE.ONE 7 simple Constitutional Laws that empower the Free WILL of WE KEITH=GODs people to decide the NEXT best project and programs that benefit our local area. FEW see reality because they are blinded by predatory greed. Free will CHOICE is not being used collectively to overthrow those who violate our basic human rights. Each of the systems on details how everyone MUST educate themselves to destroy those whose only motive, profiteering, and opportunity is to dominate and rule over our people as KINGS, Pharoahs, and others of evil descent. Surely by Sept 25, 2020 all world Presidents and Corporate Executives will finally resolve WHO OWNS and CONTROLS WHAT and eliminate the basic criminals and cyber hack terrorists who have infiltrated OUR governments, banks, stock markets, and trading platforms as soon as the old technology was created, it was perverted by the top evil scientists and those who manipulated OUR father's assets for their own personal political benefits. Keith Duncan


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